Evgeniy Gaiduk (Flyvin)
Versatile, beautiful +
Great work in all respects - in color, graphics, composition, emotionality. All this creates a lasting impression!
Marat Maks
Cool panorama, Marin!
Igor Khmelev
Great and picturesque place for fishing))
Taurus 49
Nataliya! I am always grateful for your feedback. Like all your work. I am your admirer and fan! Vladimir Likhvar. Ukraine, Kharkov.
Taurus 49
Like all your work. One feels high professionalism .... creative further success. Your fan is Vladimir Likhvar. Ukraine. Kharkov.
Inversed Men
ABOUT! The bridges go! Well, then you have a really film one, since they don’t give a spinjack! https: //i.postimg.cc/MXkfH0dk/44510072.pngimage hoster
Nothing! what a thing!
Sergey Syntin
So I wanted to be inside these frames ...
Alex M.
It’s like I’m standing there ..... Very cool !! Fine!
Alex M.
Great job! Colors, perspective, composition — excellent!
Sergey Ph
Visualization of the nation's self-isolation ... Smile  Smile
Vjacheslav Jagodzinskiy
Photo fishing is excellent!
Vjacheslav Jagodzinskiy
Because of the photo shoot, I would not miss the bite Smile I like the photo! Smile
Aleksandr Suddenkov
Sunny .... beautiful.