Yuriy Kovalev
Beautiful work (in the sense of photography, not what the Bolsheviks destroyed)
Yuriy Kovalev
Let's go slowly ...
Olga Dan
Such a dull light ... like an old movie ... Still, the film has some inexplicable feature, which is even hard to put into words ...
Shumilov Nikolay
rivers, a little later ...
Olga Dan
To me first, if you choose! For the series, Ness is right, I would still have a couple.
Andrew Barkhatov Plus Account
This is the version from the Pakon F235 + scanner that is warmer and softer. And if anyone is interested, here is the version of the same frame from the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED scanner
Antonio Amati
piace così tanto
Antonov5454, Mi fa piacere, Antonov. Grazie!
Nikolai Masljaev
Golden words, the main thing to the point!
Juriy Muhanov
Flashlights for a walk ...
I’m the third one more) but to expose, adjusting to the interests of the public, a way to nowhere .... rivers are a funny word, which they are essentially.
Really, very old, transmitted perfectly!
An interesting shot! Sometimes nature pampers and upsets!
Juriy Muhanov
No wonder they made their way through the snowdrifts!
Crop: super would take it anyway)) but with raisins it’s much tastier)) Super
E. L.
But in my opinion Masha pranks with a serious face Smile and is very mobile - here it gives one trifle)) Smile
Nice card)) would be a little softer, a bit too much contrast
The face also seems sad to me and it’s good here, nmv. Like. I do not understand the current stripe of the top, until
Olga Dan
Terrible beast !!!)))